Mobile Website Design For Smartphones and Tablets

With the number of people using smartphones and tablets to access the Internet, providing a mobile version of your website is crucial. A mobile website is more than just scaled down version of a larger site, it must render a different design and optimal content based on screen size to ensure usability across all devices. Using responsive website development techniques, this can be achieved without maintaining separate websites.

When we create your website, we create a website that will adaptively deliver content based on the the type and size of the device being used.

WordPress Template Customization

Some businesses prefer to manage their own WordPress website since updating it doesn’t require a ton of technical knowledge. We can build a custom WordPress template for your business. We can brand and customize your existing WordPress website with our CSS editing services.

Social Media Services

We can help you brand and customize your Facebook, Google+, and YouTube pages with custom graphics. Additionally, if you need eye-catching professional graphic design or video editing for your boosted social media post or event announcement, we can help with that too!

Web Video Services

We can edit your video so it is ready to share on YouTube or Facebook. For more information, contact us.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

In order for people to be able to find your website, strong and ethical SEO practices must be used as part of your website solution. Great search engine rankings are largely dependent on your website content, including the text on your web site and how it is implemented with web programming. Focusing on 1-2 keywords per page, we optimize the web copy you provide for your site. We do this without sacrificing human readability or using unethical SEO practices. For the 30 days after your website goes live, we monitor it’s performance for relevant keywords on the major search engines and make additional keyword adjustments if needed free of charge. SEO is an ongoing process, so beyond the initial 30 days, we are happy to make additional adjustments at our normal hourly rate. We using only the fastest hosting.

While some questionable SEO companies guarantee a number one spot on Google, Wisconsin Webcraft cannot make any guarantees for search engine placement. Not only are there more factors than great SEO that determine page ranking, but even Google’s Webmaster Tools warns against search engine ranking guarantees and the potential consequences of unethical SEO techniques.